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Artinoise is an innovative startup company that pursues the mission of imagining and creating musical instruments suited to fulfill the natural musicality of young and older children.

After two years of conceptual and product design, intellectual property management and market analysis, we are very excited to present our first product.

the re.corder is for everyone, scroll down for more!

why re.corder?

We choose the recorder as a worldwide adopted and economically approachable musical instrument. In many countries the recorder is the first instrument that children can use, and many young and adult people already knows how to use it or remember it slightly!  We called it re.corder to underline its deep new meanings and usages.

By adding a smart and simplified electronic, and leveraging modern mobile devices, ARTinoise envisioned a useful, portable, fun and friendly instruments that is also a soft revolution in learning.


You can turn the electronics on whenever you want, switching from a traditional wind instrument to an augmented modern digital controller.

You can even train on the bus or the school’s cafeteria without annoying anyone by using the app and a headphone!

Check out the three modes of the re.corder!

How does it work?

While simple on the outside, the re.corder hides miniaturized top-notch technologies that allows the product to understand the player’s ability, speed and posture, leveraging a whole set of applications, from educational, gaming, up to pro-level use as a powerful MIDI wind controller.

The free standard app, iOS and Android (later)  includes a set of instructive, fun and productive features like:          re.learn         re.orchestra             re.loop     

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How do you interact with it?

A very simple touch buttons/leds user interface allows the player to choose modes, start playing, synchronize with the app and apply effects. The re.corder uses an internal rechargeable battery that can be refilled using any USB port or powerbank!!


The playing is exactly like a standard recorder, with the added flexibility to modify scales, octaves and even play the pads/holes like a percussion instrument!


You can buy a discounted re.corder participating in the Kickstarter campaign HERE.

If you are a teacher, a government official or a dealer, please let us know your interest by writing a mail at the following address: