Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a re.corder ?
A: We call the Artinoise re.corder an ‘augmented’ recorder for the modern age.  It is basically a real, acoustic sounding soprano recorder in C with an internal electronic that implement many functionalities through sensors and bluetooth connectivity. You can turn on the electronic, connect to your mobile platform where our free app is running and play to a score, with the sound of many other instruments, with a virtual teacher or with your friends connected to the same tablet or phone. Or, you can connect to your host PC and use every virtual instument, on every platform that is compatible with MIDI over BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).

So, it can be played in 3 modes:
1) as a classic recorder – In the traditional analogue sense, no app connection is required or battery drainage.
2) as a classic recorder with digital output – Use the app as a digital teaching tool or enjoy the sound output from the app with earphone or speakers. Use ARTinoise’s iOS app to play assisted mode, virtual teacher, share with classmates or social media accounts.
3) as a MIDI controller – output playback with other sounds such as wind, string, wood, keyboard, percussion and synthetic instruments. Use as a MIDI controller with ARTinoise’s app or any platform which supports MIDI over BLE.

Q: What re.corder is not:
A: Not a ‘physical’ tin whistle, not an Indian Flute, not a cheap plastic recorder, not an E-Corder.

Q: What fingering style is it using? Is it customisable?
A: The ‘acoustic’ fingering is Baroque, allowing for forked positions and correct pitch on many notes and variations. The holes of the recorder have embedded invisible capacitive sensors and the C, D and thumb holes are doubled to allow sharp notes and octave switch. With the app configuration page you can change between different fingering and scales and even setup your own, also allowing for microtuning fingerings. This will allow other instruments fingering styles like tin whistle, bagpipes, and your own!

Q: Can I switch octaves for the same fingering style?
A: Absolutely! One or Two (to be decided yet!) of the User interface buttons near the LEDs can be used to increment/decrement octave or cycle through octaves.

Q: Can I play re.corder in mute with my headphones?
A: Sure you can. Put the cap on, plug your headphones and you’re ready to go. Your neighbours won’t have any reasons to complain and you’ll be free to play as much as you like!

Q: I’ve heard I can use the re.corder even without blowing air into it!!!
A: It’s true, the re.corder can be used as a controller even without blowing. This can be useful for people with disabilities or conditions that render difficult breathing and/or to use the recorder on a flat surface playing it as a piano or percussion pad!

Q: Is it polyphonic?
A: Yes it can be polyphonic. We are studying also a way of associating chords to buttons! There are a few demo videos in the relevant page where the re.corder is played this way.

Q: Can I connect it to my favorite Synthesizer?
A: Probably not without an adapter, unless your synth has Bluetooth MIDI in. The re.corder connects only through MIDI over BLE which is a wireless MIDI standard and allows for full wireless MIDI compatibility. Your Synth probably does not read BLE MIDI in but it is likely that your laptop or smartphone will. Both modern versions of Windows and OSX support it and IOS does as well. Latest versions of Android does connect reliably with BLE midi controllers. More info to come.

Q: Does it need a battery?
A: The re.corder uses an internal rechargeable battery that can be refilled using any USB port or powerbank. You can’t change batteries on it, but it is lighter and more efficient this way.

Q: What about latency?
A: It’s true that MIDI over BLE is about an average latency of less than 10 ms  (from 4 to 7 depending on host, softwares/apps), compared to wired MIDI which is about 3 ms. This is not immediately noticeable in most situations but might require some adjustments from the player when working in close synch with other instruments at virtuoso speeds!

Q: How do I get one?
A: re.corder is expected to enter the market by late summer 2021 through major online music equipment stores and also through physical distribution in Italy, Germany, US and Japan. Once defined, the list of distributors will be published on our social pages and you will be able to purchase through their shops and websites. Make sure you follow us on FacebookInstagram and YouTube!
However, if you just can’t wait any longer we have made available a limited quantity of re.corders in Lightning Edition that will be sent by the end of June and that you can order now through our website.

Q: Can I get involved on the future development of re.corder?
A: Of course you can, and we would be delighted. We have created a specific private group on Facebook just for this purpose. Join the Re.corder players of the new generation unite interact with early adopters and help the further development of re.corder with your ideas!

Q: I’m still quite confused…
A: If you have read these FAQ and haven’t had your questions answered, please feel free to drop us an email