How do I connect re.corder on Windows 10?

To connect re.corder on Windows 10 follow the steps below or watch the video tutorial here >

To make it easier, more intuitive and reliable to use re.corder in MIDI mode on Windows 10, we have created the Re.corder Bridge, a simple application that relies on the excellent loopMIDI.
It’s a beta version, so let us know if it works for you and feel free to suggest how it can be improved.

Step 1 . If you don’t already use it, first download loopMIDI on your pc
Install it and create a MIDI port by clicking on the symbol on the left leave the app open.

Step 2.  Download the Re.corder Bridge and install it on your pc.

Step 3. Open the Re.corder Bridge, connect re.corder and keep your finger on the circle button of the recorder when pairing. While playing you should see the note appearing in the UI. At this point you should hear the windows synthesis (Microsoft GS Wavetable synth is selected in the combo at the top).

Step 4. Select the virtual device from the combo

Step 5.  Connect the virtual device in your DAW

Troubleshooting: If you still don’t hear any sound after performing the above procedure, check the re.corder connection on loopMIDI, if the “Total Data” value is 0 the connection has not been established correctly. You can try repeating the procedure or you can try using an alternative application to re.corder bridge such as MIDIBerry or Bluetooth LE Explorer.

You can also read this step by step guide with pics here