What is re.corder by Artinoise?

We call the Artinoise re.corder an ‘augmented’ recorder for the modern age. It is basically a real, acoustic sounding soprano recorder in C with an internal electronic that implement many functionalities through sensors and bluetooth connectivity. You can turn on the electronic, connect to your mobile platform where our free app is running and play to a score, with the sound of many other instruments, with a virtual teacher or with your friends connected to the same tablet or phone. Or, you can connect to your host PC and use every virtual instrument, on every platform that is compatible with MIDI over BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). re.corder can be played in 3 modes: 1) as a classic recorder – In the traditional analogue sense, no app connection is required or battery drainage. 2) as a classic recorder with digital output – Use the app as a digital teaching tool or enjoy the sound output from the app with earphone or speakers. Use ARTinoise’s iOS app to play assisted mode, virtual teacher, share with classmates or social media accounts. 3) as a MIDI controller – output playback with other sounds such as wind, string, wood, keyboard, percussion and synthetic instruments. Use as a MIDI controller with ARTinoise’s app or any platform which supports MIDI over BLE. watch this video to learn more about re.corder https://youtu.be/xuWZp4qaF2g

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